Winter wonderland

I have mixed feelings about winter. I remember when I just came, after a few days there was quite a snow blanket all over the place. It was very beautiful, and I thought maybe I will not experience snow again in Zhelen, so I enjoyed every bit of it. But one thing is for sure – I never bury myself in enough clothes, because I don’t want to look like a bear. There is nothing wrong with being a bear, but after all, I am a human. I have to be honest, I enjoyed the long warm autumn season here, and the coldness came quite late. The best thing about snow is that now we are curled up near the fireplace, looking outside on the snowy mountain tops, and this is what I truly enjoy.

But jokes aside. I noticed that this kind of weather asks us to go inwards, to process our thoughts and feelings, which have been created there during long, active summer. For me, this time period is also very special, because I’m leaving for Latvia in a few days, and now I have time to slow down, enjoy the last moments together with my Bulgarian home and really think over what an amazing journey I have experienced.

I slowly feel Christmas coming, the spirit of celebration of being together, and New Year reminding about itself, about new goals to achieve and opportunities to create. But for now, I invite you to enjoy the stillness that arises during wintertime and allow yourself to experience that. I know for sure, that I have to find warm boots and enjoy a little walk in this snowy paradise. One smart man once told – this will also change! And it’s good to remember this.