In the middle of August, I had the amazing opportunity to experience what is a very important gathering for Bulgarian people who are interested in spirituality.
There was a teacher peter Dunov and Rila mountain is famous also because he did a lot of his lectures there. Every year white brotherhood organizes a camp there, for a month. Sleeping in a tent, eating simple foods, and meeting many Bulgarian and International people as well. Every morning unless it rains we dance a very special dance, panevritmija dance. It’s a dance dedicated to nature’s rhythm. I spent the whole week there, and this year it was raining a lot, and I didn’t take enough warm clothes, but nevertheless, I experienced many beautiful moments and for sure learned how to be more ready next time when going to the mountains.
One special thing is that I met one couple with whom we became good friends, and which I later visited in Ruse, this way also exploring Bulgaria from a local point of view.
Rila has a very special place in my heart, the energy I felt while being there truly inspired and changed me in some ways.
There is a poem I wrote as well inspired by Rila.

Rila is my new favorite word
When I hear it I remember
How I grew
How god spoke
How humans love
Rila is my new favorite place
You can almost say home
But home is everywhere
Where my heart is
It’s just I felt my heart at peace
I felt like riding the rainbow
Gallantly chasing the stars
When I went too fast, or too aggressively
It showed me the right tempo
When I was too sleepy
It called me out with a bright red sun
It’s a real warrior
I want to say thank you
To mountain
To humans
To natures breath
Some things can’t be said
I can only feel them accumulating
Slowly changing the particles in me
To grow a better human
She changes everyone
If you let her caress your hair
Don’t be afraid of her tears
And honor her happiness
She’s alive
And she helped me
To stay alive
As well