Make friends with the horses

Vegetarium has a fairy-tale atmosphere thanks to two beautiful white horses. Rada and Pepito are members of our community with whom we also spend time. During this period, they are not very demanding, because they have meadows around them that are extremely rich in various nutrients, a water source and a salt stone. So the main job is to move them to a new place when the grass is scarce and to lead them to the shade before noon. An important element is also a rope tied to one of the front legs and a bell around the neck. In the evening, Rada is tied down (because she’s the bigger troublemaker) and Pepito walks with the bell – but every morning it is switched. In addition to their beauty, Rada and Pepito are also very useful, being trained to ride, and their droppings serve as fertilizer and breeding grounds for worms. At certain times in the morning, we prepare a jar of oats and a little salt for them. By the way, this jar acts like a magnet on them, so when they are too stubborn, just shake the contents and they will come running without a problem. And if you want to become a friend of our horses, all you have to do is share an apple with them, just a core and they are in your hands!

written by Joanna