Paneurythmia is one of the most fascinating, new and inspiring activities I have experienced here so far. It is a kind of dance that is also meditation in motion. It was created by Peter Deunov, who was a promoter of a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature, and for many, he remains a master even after death. His dance takes place at sunrise, when the day is longer than the night (March 21 – September 21). The scheme consists of three parts, and each of them has an individual meaning. The first part consists of 28 exercises performed with a partner around the circle. The second part is called the sun rays and symbolizes the reception and subsequent application of the vital forces. The third part is a pentagram performed with five pairs of participants. What is most intriguing to me is how much it can bring to life, so I want to focus in this article on the general benefits of dancing paneurhythms, not on describing individual elements. Paneurythmia is a dance during which various exercises are performed that are both simple (can be performed by people of all ages) and engaging, which has a positive effect on well-being. In addition, breathing and voice exercises are performed during this practice. Soothing music and affirming words help you find peace and unhurriedly start another day. In addition to individual benefits, this practice also has a positive impact on our social lives. Many exercises are performed in pairs, and the whole dance is like a great union with each other and with the surrounding nature. What could be more beautiful than starting the day with watching the sunrise and walking barefoot on fresh dew, dancing to the rhythm that nature sets for us? 🙂

written by Joanna