Different world

I’m Joanna and I want to take you on a journey through a wonderful place in Bulgaria. The discovery of the Vegetarium was like finding another world. A reality in which in spite of people mastering people chaos, disorder and rush can be found peace. However, peace is much deeper than just a quiet place. Life here is a real harmony. There is time for work and time to rest, time to spend it together and reflect in loneliness, there is time to take care of physical and spiritual health – this is a place where there is simply time. Living in the city, we often lose it, we struggle with life to survive it somehow, and here life acquires a completely different dimension. Life here is the most valuable and this makes every existence respected. If that was not enough, just raise your eyes up to see the greatest works of art. Lush vegetation and colorful flowers that paint delightful landscapes are at every step. Mountains and forests give a sense of security, and at the same time arouse endless admiration for their majesty. The gardens around are filled with fruit and herbs that serve us every day. And each of the buildings located here binds an individual history. This place is a music in which there is no false note, each of them, despite its otherness, is a continuation of the melody, which is the most beautiful and the most unique I was given to hear.

One evening after a day full of work, we had time for a campfire. It was a moment of respite after a week. First, we collected wood together (it was fun to watch groups of several people gathering, tearing one branch from the tree), we brought zucchini, potatoes and musical instruments. When the bonfire was ready, the sun was slowly going to the west, and each of us found its comfortable place to sit down with warm fire. As usual, it was time to summarize the day, so we shared how we feel (and our most “butterfly moment” on that day :D). When we finished, there was silence, but the silence, which was filled with the music of the nature surrounding us, which we were able to hear. First, one person began to tap the rhythm on the drum, then another one, someone else will start snaping with their fingers and clapped in their hands, then joined the guitar, and the humming of the melody to this rhythm was only a seal. It was music that was improvisation without any falsehood, because it was harmonic with the reality that surrounds us. Slowly, the stars began to appear in the sky, and flashing skylights reminded that we were not alone here. The fire gave warmth, nature relief, and the music gave at the moment an amazing atmosphere. Even when the clouds began to obscure the stars, and the dark sky began to brighten lightning, the sounds of the storm were part of our music. Music of peace, harmony and unity.