Start of Ieva’s journey






Hey there! 🙂 My name is Ieva, and I am coming from a lovely Baltic country – Latvia. This year, from April till December, because I am a European Solidarity Crops volunteer in Vegetarium, I can call myself a resident of Bulgaria. But after all – we all are citizens of the world.

When I was going on my 8 months adventure, there were quite many people which were asking – aren’t you afraid? Of course, I didn’t know how it’s gonna be, but I like challenges. As we know, fear is quite a bad argument. Yes, it asks for some sort of braveness, but I just want to create more freedom and light in and around me, and it always motivates me. I couldn’t keep waking up every day and just thinking – what if, what if I do things differently? I want to make this world a better place. Only by getting to know myself through many various experiences, I can find my purpose and understand this reality more.

During the first 4 months in Vegetarium and Bulgaria, I met many Bulgarian people, and some from other countries as well. I have the honor now to call some of them my friends. I have enjoyed breathtaking mountain views, and in addition, believe me, every train ride in Bulgaria can be an adventure. I have planted potatoes, beans, and cucumbers, watered a lot of trees, listened to a lot of smart talks, you name it! I have fallen in love much more with human souls, and of course, mine as well. I love this country and Vegetarium every day more and more. I have understood how we can live more harmoniously with nature, and it’s really needed for the world right now. So many mesmerizing and beautiful moments have happened, but of course, a lot of inner transformations and development as well. You will have the opportunity to see more from our daily life here in Vegetarium, so…follow along the journey. 🙂