My first guest from back home! :)





A while ago my best friend Eva visited me here in Vegetarium. Together we went to enjoy Plovdiv, which is now honestly one of my favorite places in Bulgaria. Then we went to secret gardens collecting figs. For me, it was the first time I have ever seen real fig trees. Naturally, we both filled our bellies with a lot of fresh figs before we could fill some boxes with them. Later they were turned into a super tasty fig jam without any sugar! So we have super organic, natural, and jummy fig jam for cold and nostalgic winter days.

Another very important activity we did together – we baked bread. Really, we all know how sacred bread is in many cultures all over the world. We shouldn’t forget the beautiful ritual and significant meaning behind baking our own bread. It’s truly a magic process and I always feel somehow connected with generations behind me, when I’m baking my own bread. You can see how pretty our bread turned out, but to know how they might taste- you shall visit us someday.

Since my best friend is a photographer, we made very nice pictures in the mountains. Since we are coming from a country without them, every picture with mountains is super valuable.  Our week together ended in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. In our opinion, it is in a weird way an astonishing city. There are a lot of monuments literally on each step you take ahead, and you can see so many architectural styles and designs on every corner, which sometimes makes it seem like someone really didn’t care about how the aesthetic is gonna look together and if it gonna be appealing to the eye. However, there is a very beautiful natural place not far from the city which is called Matka Canyon. It’s just magnificent. We took a boat ride and found ourselves right in the middle on blueish-greenish water with cliffs all around us. What always makes me happy is exactly places like this, where I can feel nature in its grace and majesty.

The longer I am away from my closest people physically, the more I feel that they are still together with me in my memories and heart. And that’s why I think it is so valuable to create memories and adventures together with people who are truly important to us and to spend time together when possible. One day, when someone will not be on this earth anymore, this is what will be left. And even when we can be so connected through social platforms online, it is always so beautiful to hug a real, physical human body and feel its soul’s presence right next to you. Human relationships can be truly beautiful.