Yawn, Stretch and Clean

It is 6 am, the world is quiet, the sun still set and I slowly wake up to the beeping of my alarm. I yawn and stretch and reluctantly leave the warmth of my bed. It is still dark outside and most of the other volunteers are still sound asleep. Quietly I put the kettle on, yawn again, and wash my face. The cold water refreshes me and I feel myself wake up as I grab my toothbrush.  

After some hygiene and hydration I roll out a yoga mat, find a comfortable seat and start my asana (yoga) practice. Sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes 40 minutes and preferably followed by a morning meditation. 

Feeling awake, grateful, stretched and clean I am ready for the day. Almost … 

One last thing before the day can start is of course to clean my yoga mat. Since we are sharing the yoga mats, it is very important to leave your mat as clean as you found it. Yoga mats can be a bacteria magnet even when there is not visible dirt or nasty odor. We clean the mats with a simple and effective homemade cleanser and this is the recipe: 

  • 1 part clear spirit (such as vodka) 
  • 1 part water 
  • A few drops of essential oil 

Ah, now I’m ready for the day! 

Written by Camil