Let’s talk Tomatoes…Shall we


For my second article I wanted to give a special attention to the tomatoes. Maybe some of you have heard this and maybe you have not but bulgarian people are realy saying that tomatoes in our country, grown on our land are the tastiest. You can say we are proud of it like it’s because of us but i think it’s because of the natural environment that we have been blessed with.
So here in Vegeraium our soil is very poor and very clayish and we had use lots of fertilized soil made from horse manure and californian worms. This way we laid the foundation for a nice strong plant to grow and develop. And here we separate them in 2 divisions. First species which we leave to grow tied up to a piece of rope/string conected to the roof of the greenhouse. And wich stools we remove. And second species which we keep in a litle metal fence and we don’t remove the stools. This is all in accordance with their genetic properties as different variations of the same species. The little fences have been very cleverly designed by Barbara and Filip. The have openings for harvesting the fruits when ready. I have a few more things to share that may be of help to the people who are taking care of these plants, like when it comes to removing the stools. This is a part that is NOT suted for mulching because it may contain different viruses, bacterias or insects that act patience to the plants. So in other word they may spred disease. The other thing is be careful of the Tomato leafminer insect. Be shure to close the entrances of your greenhouses before nightfall because they are nocturnal and they can destroy our plans of harvesting sweet sweet fruits. And lastly let’s say something about pollination. Filip used to do it by hand flower by flower. Can you imagine just how time consuming this can be? Luckily a solution to this has been found and it’s so simple. Just shake the plants a little and the polen will fall pollination will happen. I dont know about you who are reading this but i learned a few things for Filip and Barbara here about how to take care of tomatoes more efficiently and intelligently.

And just for fun look at this Greenhouse shower. It’s a great idea. Maybe you should think about one too…..

written by Dragomir Angelov