It’s Time For A Change: Getting New Chickens

The time came to let the three old ladies go. They were each about 6 years old, and despite that they continued to lay eggs til the end. But their laying was too inconsistent and it simply wasn’t enough. We gave them to Ognyan, as he promised to take care of them, since he has old non-laying ducks anyway.

We got three big chicks in a box, one black, the second amber coloured, and the third dark with a golden mane and a blue-green sheen on her back and tail.

In order to get the enclosure ready for them it was necessary to disinfect everything inside with a bleach water solution, and after that was done I put some nice hay in their nesting area. After some more preparations, i.e. providing some feed and water, they were introduced to their new home. 

They didn’t take too long to adapt to their new environment, and they soon began to peck at their food bowl. Two weeks after that they had developed their usual dinosaur-like appetite, and have grown a lot because of it. We can expect eggs with the coming of spring.

Written by Boyan