Closing the Loop – Egg Shells

Do you give your egg shells back to your chickens? We do! And here is why: 

Rich Source of Calcium

Eggshells are primarily composed of calcium carbonate, a vital mineral for the development of strong eggshells in laying hens. By feeding crushed eggshells back to your chickens, you’re essentially recycling this valuable source of calcium. A calcium-rich diet is crucial for maintaining strong bones, proper blood clotting, and overall reproductive health in your flock.

Eggshell Recycling

Utilizing eggshells as a supplement is an eco-friendly practice. Rather than discarding eggshells in the trash, which eventually contributes to waste, you can recycle them within your own flock. This not only reduces your environmental impact but also promotes sustainability in your chicken-keeping practices.

Prevention of Eggshell Deficiency

Inadequate calcium levels in a chicken’s diet can lead to eggshell deficiencies, resulting in thin, fragile shells that are more prone to breakage. By providing crushed eggshells, you help prevent this deficiency, ensuring that your hens lay eggs with robust and sturdy shells. This is especially crucial for backyard farmers who rely on their flock for a steady supply of fresh eggs

Natural Grit for Digestion

Beyond calcium, eggshells also serve as a natural grit source for chickens. The abrasive texture of the crushed shells aids in the digestion process by helping chickens grind down their food in the gizzard. This, in turn, promotes better nutrient absorption and overall digestive health in your flock

Cost-Effective Supplement

Incorporating crushed eggshells into your chicken’s diet is an inexpensive and easily accessible way to boost their nutritional intake. It reduces the need for commercial calcium supplements and, in turn, helps cut down on feed costs while ensuring your chickens receive the essential nutrients they need.

So, giving your egg shells back to your chickens might not be such a bad idea. Just be careful not to give them raw egg since they might start eating their own eggs as a consequence. Therefore, give them eggs shells of boiled eggs or carefully dry the wet eggshells before giving it to your ladies. 


Written by Camil