Our lovely chickens


Today I wanted to introduce you to three chickens that are living in our community as well. Their names are Truth, Love, and Wisdom. Filip used to have more, but unfortunately, wild animals around here ate them. That’s why the chicken tractor was created, for them to be safe, and soon these chickens will be five years old.
Since I came in April, I am the one taking care of them most of the time.
The daily routine looks like this: In the morning I give them organic food waste, which we collect in a special bucket. Apart from that, they get their special food, which is corn and rye grain. For strong bones, I give them calcium powder. Then their poop has to be cleaned, they poop in a special place at the end of the tractor.
In the afternoon I collect eggs, and let them out for a walk, in summer I could walk around with them even for as long as 40 minutes, but now when it’s cold, I try to do at least 10. I can always see how excited they are for their daily walk, gathering around doors and making their sounds a lot. It’s also important to change the water every day and to move the chicken tractor, so fresh green grass is available for them. In winter they get fresh little greens from the greenhouse as well.
During rain, we cover the tractor with plastic, especially important it is in the autumn season because if it rains a lot and they don’t dry, they might get sick.
They have a special place at the end of the tractor for laying eggs, and old hay has to be taken out and replaced with new ones when necessary. They also have a special shower box with ashes and sand, which has to be changed every two weeks.
You can see in one of the pictures how I am carrying them, and I was really surprised at the start that they let you

touch and lift themselves so easily because usually chickens are not easy to catch. But these ones are raised to be very social, and it couldn’t be different- after all, they are part of the community!