The Roof Above Our Heads

When I am inside, there are a few things I like. One of them a roof above my head that does not leak. Small ask, right? (;

However, sometimes roofs need a little refreshment to make sure that they have this nice qualities. This was the case with the roof above the corridor. Therefore, Boyan and me put on our working clothes and mended some roof. To make sure the roof is waterproof we applied multiple layers of this thick, black gooey looking paste. Between the layers of paste we added a white sheet to strengthen the roof further. Afterwards, we finished the roof with a red/orange protective layer which will protect the roof against sun damage. 

Oh and a small tip if you plan on making your own roof: don’t let it dry on your skin or you will have roof tattoos for over a week. 

Written by a professional roof layer/builder/maker person