Vegetarium Cooking

For this week’s article I will be righting about the cooking we do in Vegetarium. Out of every place I’ve been I think here is the most orientated in healthy meals. I think it all thanks to Dr.Pashkulev who gave this method to the place. It sounds a little too strict but one of the most important things is that we don’t use sugar here and we don’t fry anything ( avoiding the consumption of trans fats ). It took me some time to get used to it. I am coming from a background of frying something for 2/3 out every meal i cooked. And sometimes i would get the cravings for something sugary. But when i got used to it more and more, every time i went to the city and ate something fried or sugary I can feel how hard it is for the system to deagest with this foods. I am really happy that i got to experience instead of reading about it. Another thing is when we eat specific foods. Like for example food with high anount of proteins plus salads we eat at lunch ( when we are going to digest them more efficiently ) and we avoid eating fats and proteins at evenings.

Written by Dragomir