The Zhelen Vibe







Hello earth beings 🙂 if you have come to this point of digital research you probably have curiosity about the life in Vegetarium & what’s so special about it.

As I currently live here- a long-term volunteer through the European Solidarity corps project, I will give you a peak through my experience & how I got here without any planning of doing so.

You can refer to me as Vanessa, a 23 year old yoga & English teacher, herbal & energy enthusiast, motivated eco events organizer & spiritual explorer. Or just a regular inspired young person wanting to serve for a better life.

Traveling through Bulgaria, a friend of mine send me the link to participate in the Vegetarium 9 day free eco-activists camp, and taking this opportunity completely changed my life, as I knew nothing about this place.

Coming to this land feels like a real alternative reality where every sip of water, every step, every word radiates it’s effects on the environment right away & gradually you start to realize how real you are connected with everything around.

The forest is keeping the memories & stories from centuries ago, the fallen pine trees from previous storms are now making space for the baby oak’s which are the residents of these ancient grounds. Just like the villagers are changing through time & now the space has opened for young enthusiasts to expand & explore what is called nature.
Both inside & outside.

Built in a complete permaculture way, this eco- community is a true “by the books” example of the principles to live in a harmonious & non harmful for any living being way.

So if this is already something you feel close to- a desire to take real care of the ecosystem and to take a step out of the eGosystem- then this place might be a part of your journey.