The Tractor: Fitting The Digger Module & Driving It Around

Right after we were done with turning over the soil with the sown seeds in it we got to detaching the soil-cutter attachment. It was easy, we just had to pull out a few clamps and hammer out the metal schtifts. 

Fitting and attaching the digging machine was different though. Manoeuvring in between the metal parts of both the tractor and digger was hard, there was barely any swinging space for the hammer. Attaching the hydraulic motor involved securing it with a chain, and it was quite precise. Properly fitting the mechanical elements, particularly fitting the gauges through the spherical eye-joints was probably the worst part of it. 

The whole operation took us about 2 hours, but despite this, the level of concentration that I achieved while doing this task kept my mind off of anything else, and man, it felt good to finally have a result – a machine ready for heavy work. 

We had a break for about five minutes, enough to drink some water and have a piece of warm, sweet and creamy pumpkin, right after which we headed up.

We made a deal to meet above Laza’s house on the road on the hill ridge, since the tractor had to take a longer route, and I could just use the shortcut path.
When Filip got to the spot I climbed on the back and sat in the seat of the digging module. 

This part was really exciting because a lot of the time it felt like I was riding a bull. Every rock on the road to The Cross was amplified in the back of the digging module, so I had to hold tight with both my hands, as well as my feet, as much as possible of course.

The riding part was quite fun as well, it’s not particularly hard to drive this sort of thing, and during most of the time I had a wide smile on my face because of all the excitement. 

Written by Boyan