Rila Mountains – The Seven Lakes

Up in the Rila Mountains things happen differently. Time goes by slower, but days go by faster. People try to be closer to the divine, but also litter and play loud music. People come there with a lot of stuf to camp for several days or with almost nothing, just their phone. Oh and a lot of things happen in sevenfold. 

The most obvious one is of course the seven glacier lakes, Dolnoto (The lower lake), Ribnoto (The fish lake), Trilistnika (The Trefoil), Bliznaka (The twin), Babreka (The kidney), Okoto (The eye) and Salzata (The Tear). The breathtaking, crystal clear waters seem to transport you into another dimension while you gaze upon their blue surfaces. Times seems to stop as you meditate on a ripple making its way across the lake. The peaceful quiet of the lakes is met by the large number of tourist walking the easy accessible roads up. No wonder this sacred place is the most popular natural attraction in Bulgaria. 

But did you also know that the seven lakes represent the seven chakras? Where Dolnoto represents Muladhara, the root chakra and Salzata represents Sahastrara, the crown chakra. 

But that is not all of it. On the first day we were told over lunch that for each of the seven days of the week there was a different vegetable according to the planets associated with that day. This was something we wanted to know more about so we put on our detective hats and deduced the following combinations: Monday, the moon, cabbage. Tuesday, mars, vegetable unknown. Wednesday, Mercury, Lentils. Thursday, Jupiter, carrot. Friday, Venus, onion. Saturday, Saturn, vegetable unknown. Sunday, the Sun, vegetable unknown. So, were still not really sure about the vegetables, but the planets make more sense. 

All jokes aside, a lot of things in Rila seem to revolve around the lucky number seven. Maybe it is because the number seven has many symbolic meaning in numerology, spirituality, mythology, psychology and astrology. Besides the seven chakras, and the seven days of the week, there are seven colours of the rainbow, seven continent, seven wonders of the world. Furthermore in the New Testamant the number seven represents the four corners of the world and the holy trinity. Overall the number seven is mentioned extensively in Christianity and other religions. 

So, my favourite of the seven lakes? Hard to choose, but if I have to I think that would be the twin or the eye. 

Written by Camil