New Home!






I remember just the first days I arrived at Vegetarium. It was early spring, I could just wonder how the mountains will look all green, for that now it was very greyish. But I already felt such peace and love in this place, that I could not stop feeling thankful that life bring me here. I truly knew what a journey awaits me here.

It’s a dive into exploring new tastes, ways of thinking, and outlooks on life. To be honest, it was easy for me to accept new changes in my environment. Somehow I just felt that its right for me.

One of the first challenges was to write a daily program for the eco-activist camp which was due the next week. And I had to do it in Bulgarian! Thankfully I have a bit of Russian language knowledge, so it means Cyrillic letters were already familiar to me. As I will notice later, this is actually a great advantage in Bulgaria. I can read everything and understand the context. It’s easy to mask myself as a Bulgarian sometimes.

Inside of a house – it’s like a botanical garden! A real paradise for plant lovers. And drawings! Inside and outside of a house you can find many magical art expressions. At the start, it was hard for me to believe I found myself in such a harmonious place!