Friendship against the sunrise

Recently, together with my wonderful companion Camil, we had the opportunity to visit the Rila Mountains. It is an amazing place full of wonderful views, secret places and a spiritual atmosphere. We came to this place during the busiest time, thanks to which we met a lot of amazing people, and our experiences became richer with relationships and many valuable interactions. However, one of the main elements I would like to focus on are sunrises. Sunrises have always impressive and shined with their beauty, but many people almost do not remember their existence on a daily basis, treating them simply as a signal to start the day of work and life in a hurry. It was different here. We started each of the ten days that Camil and I spent in this place by watching the sunrise – and we weren’t the only ones there! Every day, many people met on the rocks at the most beautiful viewpoints near the camp to welcome the new day. It was a great experience for me because I could really see everything come to life with new hope for a better day. Each sunrise was the emergence of the light of day from the darkness of night, giving hope for the emergence of future harmony from the darkness of past chaos. Watching so many people supporting each other in life was even more inspiring. For me, every act of support on the tourist trail was a reference to our life path as people.

It was cold at times, especially at night, and I slept in countless layers of clothes, but the warmth of the people I met warmed my heart. It was because of the coldness of the night that each morning was even more precious. Every sunrise that said the arrival of a warm day and every breakfast that included hot water with honey – Oh, how I appreciated it!

We met truly amazing people with whom we spent wonderful moments, including climbing peaks in pajamas, dancing paneurhythms, having deep conversations and wandering between wonderful lakes. Our last day – the day of return – will also be unforgettable. We were returning with two friends we met on the mountain, and the place where we had spent the last days of beautiful, sunny weather said goodbye to us with tears of rain and the sounds of the storm. However, it was nothing compared to the adventure we experienced on the lift. The sun was shining when we got on, but a bit later it started to rain and finally a crazy storm broke out with large hail that hurt our bodies. Several times, due to extremely loud thunder and lightning that hit really close, the lift stopped with us roofless in the open air. However, we laughed and sang songs, sitting absolutely soaked and shaking off the remains of the hail, which stopped raining after some time. When we arrived, with no dry place left for us or our luggage, the employees laughed with us, congratulating us on such an adventure. After all this, it was time to get back together with such amazing and positive people again. I am truly grateful for each of these people and each of these moments that I have experienced. Thank you! 😀

Written by Joanna