Edible Plants – An Introduction

Back home in the Netherlands I really like to go to the forest and forage whatever greens I can find. Sadly, the forest is not that close to home and since I don’t really want to eat the plants besides the road (cars ): ) or in parks (dogs ): ), my foraging hunts remain occasional trips. So, coming here at Vegetarium, where everything is green, alive and fresh feels like a dream. 

Every day we have smoothie and a salad filled with so many wild plants, fruits and herbs! Some of which I already new, and some that were completely new to me. Since there is so much knowledge here on the different types of edible plants, their medicinal uses and even other uses it feels a shame not to share it with the world (and also nice for me to remember it all). So, I decided to make a series of articles in which I will share my notes on my favourite edible plants and their properties. 

Stay tuned if you want to learn more about plantain… 

Written by Camil