Cosi is here!



One week at the start of the summer, a German girl Cosima from Switzerland came to volunteer for two weeks. It happened to be in a time when these sweet, big yellow candies called cherries were in such an abundance, that a very important part of our work for a few days was to collect them and to make a compote. And I have to be honest – the best part was to fill our bellies up to the point where you can’t look at them for a few hours at least.

Cosi is studying eco project administration in Amsterdam, and we had a nice discussion about the education system in the Netherlands. She has big plans for making her own community space, and she was really happy to experience living with us for two weeks because she liked our lifestyle and way of approaching existence.

We had some dance parties, talks about the meaning of life, sharing our little moments of joy, our troubles, and our questions about life. This part is my favorite – to meet people from all over the world, and to walk even a little bit of road together, with them!