Come on a vacation

Our vacation programme is the most liberal option for staying with us!
You are free to just relax, enjoy the nature, good cuisine and the place.

Or, you may join one of the many proposed activities…

You can discover our guest rooms, or the picturesque camping grounds we offer.

Upon arrival, you sign a declaration of agreement with the general rules and daily routine.

What our guests find particularly attractive is the opportunity to spend the night in the common tent – “tepee”.

The tepee is a big (7m in diameter and 7m in height) round tent. There is a fireplace in the center, which provides an unforgettable atmosphere. The tepee offers three-season housing for ten people.

Your can rent all the tepee or share it with other guests.

We offer team buildings of different intensity – purely vacation, combining vacation and education in the basics of the integral way of life, as well as intensive practices.

We organise excursions to various local attractions – beautiful scenery, caves, mountain lakes, waterfalls and clear streams, sites for spiritual sacrifice, monasteries, and ancient ruins…

In these excursions you will be led by Filip and other experienced local guides and introduced to the history of the place. We will share practical knowledge on local plants and animals, edible and medicinal plants, and foraging.

We sometimes organise “immersions in nature” – a several-day secluded stay in the higher parts of the mountains, including various practices and foraging.

This experience teaches us to respect ourselves, the others and nature, to live in harmony.

Together, we experience various workshops and demonstrations of integral lifestyle:

• Healthy nutrition and cooking;

• Body, breathing and anti stress practices;

• Ecology and regenerative agriculture;

• Eco cosmetics and household products – do it yourself;

• Paneurhythmy or intuitive music and dancing.

We invite you to become active participants in preserving and reestablishing the biodiversity in the region through work and donations for those zones of the “Cherni kamik” area that are affected by erosion and deforestation.

These regenerative agriculture activities are improving the favorable conservation status of the protected species and habitats.