The Tree Nursery

.Let me share with you this wonderful thing which I personally haven’t done or seen before. This is a very smart and practical to do when you have lots of plant in pots and when you are preparing them for union with the outside gardens.┬áHere in the Vegetarium we have so many of those right now. I cant even count the species. But one thing i know I love the variety of plant. I love seeing something i have never seen before.┬áSo right now the dry season in Bulgaria is blooming and we have to take care of the so they don’t die from drought. And we made this construction to hold moisture and I find it so clever because it makes the watering so much time efficient.. So i definitely learned something new from this and since i haven’t seen this anywhere i think other people may benefit if they take this Idea and adapt it to their environment.

written by Dragomir Angelov