Little diary







Hey! Today I thought I of sharing some of my notes. Personally, I find it a really good way how to remember feelings and certain events, and it’s kind of very special when someone shares that with you. 🙂


Today we were planting oak trees in the forest very close to Vegetarium. Green organization of Bulgaria was an organization, and I felt very happy to meet so many volunteers who attended this event. I felt so much connection to mother Eart’s energy, and it helped me to ground myself since I just arrived a few days ago and still feel very much emotional. Today is eco- camp starting, and I already met Vanessa, one of the participants ( little did we knew at this moment she will join the project for the next 8 months!). Later, when others came, we had a really nice talk and exchange about experiences we have had. And, of course, a lot of Bulgarians around me, means I’m gonna hear this language a lot.


Today I was walking on the mountain and listening to some music. It’s so hard for me to believe I’m in a place with so many mountains around, and I’m even living on one. One of my dreams was to live on a mountain! Later we were replanting some trees into bigger pots, and we had to do a special mixture of horse manure, sand, and minerals.


This morning we were working in a greenhouse, making space for tomato plants. We had to get a lot of hay, so they have enough warmth and moisture. The soil in our place is not very fertile, so we are doing our best to give good environment to plants.

One other really nice thing, we built a snowman. Which was actually a snowwoman. It was my first and last for this year probably because I don’t think I will experience more snow during my time here.


Today was kind of a very special day because we visited one ashram in our little village Zhelen. It’s owned by a german man. Since his ashram is in the center of Zhelen, but our home is almost the last one, it’s 1 hour hike to get there.  We decided to sing some mantras, and after lovely conversations, it was the last drop for my emotional side and I started to cry from happiness.


The most important part of today – the idea to travel the world by bike came up. One day – for sure.


Integra gathering is happening this week, and today we had, in my opinion, one of the most interesting lectures about Vedanta philosophy, which is one school of Hindu tradition. Since I’m very interested in philosophy, especially eastern, I was super curious and especially interested in the topic of free will. How many of our choices are already coded into our brains and actions, and how many of them do we really do consciously? I even started to wonder if maybe I have to study it myself.

We all were eating a lot of cherries straight from the tree, as well.


1. Digging water pipe for a new house.

2. Cleaning herbs and putting them into jars for winter.

3. Going to collect pears and apples near Bov.

4. Doing yin yoga.

5. Reading a book.