Harvesting Chayote

The king or our greenhouse the chayote. This mighty plant has been taking over our greenhouse for the last few months. Vines all over and her fruit, looking like testicles, hanging above our heads. 

Multiple times I have walked in the greenhouse and accidentally bumped my head into her hanging scrotum. As bad as that sounds, this was not the only problem with our chayote. Because of her size, she was blocking a lot of light of the newly planted plants which we really need for winter. So, there was only one thing to do; our queen had to be dethroned. 

Joanna and me took on this job on a sunny morning. After almost two hours of cutting, detangling and harvesting, the chayote was gone. And what a difference did this make.

And what we were left with was many boxed full of delicious chayote to feast on during the autumn and maybe winter months. Oh and we had lots and lots of organic matter from the chayote, but luckily we know who will like this…

Written by Camil