From human needs to green wealth

Bathrooms – a place we often associate with everyday needs and personal hygiene. But have you ever wondered what hidden riches are in this seemingly ordinary room? Welcome to a world where toilets become not only a tool for our daily needs, but also a source of life for our plants. Let’s take a look at unconventional solutions that transform our waste into natural treasures and benefit both us and nature. At Vegetarium we have very diverse systems, from classic Bulgarian toilets that have existed in the Bulgarian countryside for centuries – these are simple structures, usually outside the house, consisting of deep pits or tanks in which our excrement is collected – to toilets with sewers. However, the solutions in between deserve more attention. For example, a urinal into which everyone (not only men) urinates in a sitting position, which collects urine for later use, or an outdoor dry toilet. These toilets collect feces and urine separately. Thanks to this, the urine can later be diluted and used to irrigate plants, and the excrement can be composted. By adding sawdust or other organic materials to the toilet, we can neutralize unpleasant odors and speed up the decomposition process.

In addition to toilets, we also have various shower solutions. In addition to the classic bathtub with shower, you can always wash in the greenhouse to experience true closeness to nature. In this way, we make ourselves and the plants around us happy, of course using only fully ecological cleaning products. Bathrooms, which we usually associate with simple everyday needs, have the potential to become an oasis for our plants and a healthy environment. Dry toilets, urine-collecting urinals, outdoor showers – all these solutions allow us to recover value from our feces and dirt and transform them into natural resources. Toilets become a source of fertility while promoting ecological values and sustainable living. This is how everyday needs become an ecological treasure for us and nature.

Written by Joanna