Chicken care 101

HI, its week 5 in the Vegetarium project and I have decided to make my chicken friends famous. Every day we take care of them. They have names Love, Wisdom and Truth. So every morning we prepare them food which consists of leftovers in the compost bin, yerma, other grains and we add some calcium in it. We pour the clean water we give them the food and the morning fight begins. I use this time of chaos wisely and start to clean the container from excrements. And once in awhile when needed we prepare a nice bed of dried hay for them to lay their eggs and a bath og 1/2 sand and 1/2 ashes that keeps the parasites away. And every day we give them a walk to go and pick weeds small animals to eat outside and that when the real fights might occur.

written by Dragomir Angelov