Always a bright morning

One of the permanent elements of our everyday life are morning meetings. They combine several important elements that will certainly be useful to anyone leads a camp, organizing a congress, or simply a consciously functioning in community. These meetings are, firstly, a time of organization, and secondly, a time of integration. What does each of these parts consist of? Every morning, at an hour adapted to our biorhythm and the functioning of reality, we start the meeting with a short mantra. This is an AUM mantra that calms and relaxes the mind and body. Chanting Om or Aum releases stress and all negative energy in the body and mind. This is the time when we unite with each other and with the universe, showing readiness to start the day in harmony and fully conscious cooperation. The next element, after calming the mind, uniting and opening, is listening to the content of a book with a short, valuable, wise saying for every day. Then it’s time to open up and express what we feel, to what extent we are ready to work, whether we have any needs or problems with which we need help. This is the time when we verbalize our interiors and try to find the best solutions for a that day together. This part often begins to overlap with the organization. Organization involves putting on the table the things that need to be done for that day, then prioritizing them and arranging them into a plan, assigning them to specific people at a specific time. When all our feelings are verbalized and our plans are specified – we can set off starting the day with the greatest possible productivity!

Written by Joanna