A new road



One day Barbara took me and Vanessa on a painting mission. And it really felt like a mission, because we were painting a way! Following these little blue marks, you can come from our home to the center of Zhelen, or another way around. There is a little process before being able to paint it. You have to scratch the birch of a tree, in the place where you plan to paint. You really have to be careful that your marks will have good visibility, and they have to be painted pretty close to each other. We painted on some rocks, as well. I have learned during my travels and during this painting session, that it’s really important not to go on a way, where you think is the way, if you can’t find a tourist mark.

So, there are now two roads you can access from Zhelen. Either following car road, which is also visible on google maps. It’s pretty impossible to get lost if you choose this option. The second option is more adventurous, and this way you will get the possibility to test out if we did a good job.