Rada and Pepi

Horses are animals which have a lot of character. Here in the Vegetarium I got the chance to get some experience with them. The horses here go by the names Rada and Pepi and they are really nice for people who are not used to working with these animals. They can be very loving , caring and playful.at first i was a little afraid because the are big and can easily do damage to people if they wished. But with time I got used to it and started to trust them more. One interesting thing i learned here about them is how important is hierarchy for them. You have to be really aware of how important that is if you want to work with horses. If they don’t consider you worthy to follow you will have a hard time in your exchange with them. For a place like this where the soul is really poor they have a huge role to play. And they have a huge impact on developing this place.


Written by Dragomir