Since autumn does not seem to come this year, the nevana, calendula is still in bloom. Therefore, we can still harvest some of this wonderful medicinal herb. To harvest the calendula, we cut off the open flowers on a dry sunny morning. If you harvest the flowers at the end of the day you will see that the flowers have begun to close for the night. If you harvest the flowers on a wet morning, you have a higher chance of the flowers getting mouldy before they get a chance to dry. Furthermore, harvesting them on a sunny morning apparently increases there beneficial compounds. 

We let the calendula air dry in our green caravan. This way we can use the calendula all winter in our teas or infuse oils with it so it can be used to make one of our healing balms.

Calendula truly is a wonderful plant with many medicinal properties and, fun fact, it is edible too. So who knows, maybe I will write an article about it in the future.

Written by Camil