Fig trip

During my latest adventure in the world of figs, I had the opportunity to visit the inside of wonderful orchards full of fruit trees. However, during this unforgettable fig expedition, it was not only these fruits that turned out to be the target. When we arrived, we discovered that there were not many figs. At first I struggled to get every fig that was edible, I climbed trees as high as I could stand and fought against the rushing river to get figs on the thin branches just above it, and when we had collected everything that our eyes could see, we decided to look for other treasures nature. We picked juicy pears that were ripening in the garden around us. But we didn’t limit ourselves to just discovering nature, after a long day of work, we also went to visit an eco project that brings together young people from different countries to work together on eko initiatives. This cultural exchange was an inspiring experience that showed how young people from all over the world can come together to create a positive impact on our planet. The fig expedition was not only an opportunity for us to try tasty fruits, but also to discover the beauty of nature, travel and establish valuable contacts with other people. This is proof that nature and shared experiences can connect our hearts and minds in unforgettable adventures.

Most importantly, during our fig trip, we discovered that it was not only the figs that made our trip unforgettable, but most of all the time we spent together. It was the common experiences and moments we shared that were the real value of our trip. We spent the night together in tent next to the river. The sound of water accompanied us while we slept, and the stars in the night sky made each dream even more extraordinary. It was an opportunity to break away from civilization and connect with nature in its purest form. We all spent many moments together enjoying the meals we prepared together. While eating with amazing river, forest or mountain views, not only our stomachs were satisfied, but also our souls. These were moments that allowed us to stop and appreciate the beauty of the nature surrounding us. Also our sunset dinner was special. The views we had the opportunity to admire as the sun disappeared behind the mountains were unforgettable. These were moments when time seemed to slow down and each bite of food tasted even better surrounded by such nature. This trip was a reminder that the most precious memories come not from matter, but from the time we spend together and the experiences we share. It was these moments when we slept in a tent by the river, ate together in the mountains and watched the setting sun that made our trip special. It was a journey that taught us to appreciate the beauty of nature and the closeness between us.

Written by Joanna