Bring some beauty to every day

There are many days whose commonness makes us forget about the uniqueness of each day, but each of them is a new light, a new hope, each of them brings with it a lot of life and beauty that we can see. How can we bring a little more color into our everyday lives? One way is through food. This is an element that we cannot avoid, so if we cannot, maybe it is worth improving it enough to make it a real joy every day. We can treat eating as an irritating chore when it takes up time that we would like to use for something else. But we can also make it a feast for our eyes and taste. Contrary to appearances, food can really bring a lot of good to our lives. Aesthetic dishes are visually attractive, which can increase appetite and make meals more satisfying. Eating this way can also provide us with more joy and pleasure, which increases our satisfaction and makes it more relaxing. In this sense, eating can become a kind of meditation, positively influencing the quality of our lives. Preparing such a work of art itself uses our creativity, sharing it with others can be a valuable social experience, creating unforgettable moments that strengthen bonds, and preparing such food itself gives us a better awareness of it, because when you pay attention to the appearance of a dish, you are more focused on what you are eating, which can help you eat more consciously and healthier. And most importantly, aesthetic dishes and desserts can be completely healthy. Some examples we have created include a birthday cake made from watermelon, fruit and fresh edible flowers and herbs, and desserts made from breakfast leftovers with oatmeal, rice pudding, flaxseed gruel and, of course, combinations of spices, fruit and herbs. Let’s remember that we can do wonders with just a few inconspicuous elements!

Written by Joanna