A journey into culture and yourself

I recently traveled to several popular cities in Bulgaria. This time I was alone, which made the experience even more intense and I could see this country more personally. Solo Travels have a unique depth to them – and although I dont say that spent time with others is not valuable – they seem to bring the most to our lives. When we find ourselves alone in a completely foreign place, we face challenges, surprising situations and beautiful views. We confront many emotions, with a sense of freedom and happiness, but also with moments of loneliness and emptiness. However, each of these moments has value, and each of these feelings can intertwine harmoniously. Traveling around Bulgaria alone, the gate to the world of deep reflection and discovery of my own essence opened for me. Journays like this is not only about visiting new places, but also a trip deep into yourself, full of value and transformation. While beeing alone, I gained time to reflect and understand my own thoughts and desires. Evenings spent at sunset were the time when the gates to my own interior opened for me. It was a journey deep into myself, full of introspection and self-discovery.

During my trip around Bulgaria, I discovered not only the external beauty of the country, but also got closer to my interior, experiencing moments of peace and reflection. I started my journey in Sofia. Looking at the sunset, I immersed myself in the pretty landscape. Colorful rays reflected off the building, creating an extraordinary atmosphere. It wasn’t just an observation – it was a moment in which this place and I created a shared story. A glow of warm colors painted the sky, creating a unique color palette. It was like a connection with nature that I felt deep inside me. The next city I visited was Plovdiv. Walking through the streets of the old town of this place, I felt the gentle wind that breathed life into the deserted houses. In this city, where every corner was brimming with history, the wind was like an invisible story floating in the air. It was nature’s embrace that restored peace and balance. Each step was like a meditation, and the architecture of the old town surrounding me added a magical charm to this place. Finally, I went to Varna, where I probably spent the most time. Its seaside atmosphere was like therapy for the soul. Listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the sand under my feet and seeing the endless sea made me think. It was a moment when I felt one with nature. As I walked along the beach, I let the waves be my guide, synchronizing with the rhythm of the sea. Every step on the beach in Varna was like a meditation, and the sound of the waves acted as a therapeutic sound that harmonized with my thoughts. The view of the sun setting over the sea made time seem to slow down, leaving space for reflection. If I were to recommend one thing that can add a lot of value to our lives, it would probably be individual travel. This is a unique opportunity for self-development, deep reflection and discovering who we really are. The door opens to new dimensions of experience, full of values that will stay with me forever.

Written by Joanna